„Painting is a wonderful activity it allows the expression of feelings and emotions for which a thousand words may not be enough …“

This perception stimulates the imagination, and creativity finds a constructive environment in which to experiment. Painting offers children a means to express their personality with great pleasure and enthusiasm. They experience that they themselves can give their lives form and direction. In my course your child experiences the freedom to experiment, to try things, and develop his or her creative abilities. Each child is individually accompanied and supported in this development.


  • The art cube, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Spontaneous creation of paintings Malort Arno Stern, Montessori Kinderhaus Lernort Moosbachhof und Schule Zug
  • Visual Arts & Music Lessons for Children, Globegarden Talacker Zurich
  • Awakening awareness the creativity, VaMuKi Chinderhuus Wädenswil

How children see the world

During the 7th Zuger Art Night 2018, a painting was completed before the public. The painting performance was be led by Sandra Schawalder.

The finished work is intended for Murimoos „Working and Living“ in Muri. The institution is celebrating its 85th anniversary year 2018. Paintings created by the children will be auctioned off along with works by Elso Schiavo and Sandra Schawalder, which will occur on the day of the ceremony.

The proceeds will go towards the expansion of the playground, which is already underway. Ten children participated in the painting process under the motto of „How Children See the World“. The result was a wonderful, lively oeuvre retaining different forms in such a way that the cooperation was made visible.

Ein Bild von Kindern gemalt

How children see the world I mixed media I 100 x 100 cm I 2018

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