Works full of stillness, harmony and light

About the newer artworks by Sandra Schawalder
Text by Dr. Daniela U. Ball, Art Historian Switzerland

Sandra Schawalder is a sensitive woman full of empathy and works fully focussed. Her paintings are completed on canvas, oxidated iron sheets and hand-made laid- paper in a long process adding layer upon layer. The artist needs stillness and emotional consistency to reach a state of flow in order to visualize her inner images. A particular character of the delicate paintings is that the viewer defines the view point that suits him or her best. There rarely is a clearly defined upright or oblong format for these works of art. The changeable view points are the consequence of Sandra's way to paint. The canvas is not put on a easel but lies on the floor. She goes around her painting in progress and works on it from all four sides. The result of this method are meditative paintings full of light. At the moment the favourite colours are fine lime-green or bright shades of pink. 2020 a cycle of paintings is entitiled "in love", 2019 another cycle "glimpses of light" (Lichtblicke) expresses more dynamism.
Lines full of verve applied directly out of the paint tube or with neocolor pens or with applied gold leaves are the expression of rhythm and dance-like movement. Acryl paints of different density alternate and pasty layers of sand or flour add depth to Sandra's works, whereas white paint adds light and lightness. Just as provocative or conceptual art are not her cup of tea. Sandra Schawalder's oeuvre expressing calmness and harmony as well as conveying spheric sounds, deeply touch the viewer.

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